Strategic Planning

Palazzirail can offer a wealth of experience in strategic analysis of railways, rail operations and rail projects. Our staff have particular skills and experience in successfully working with planners, economists and policy-makers to develop and assess rail-related proposals, enabling decisions to be made that are fully informed of technical, operational and logistical matters. In each case we are focussed on the ultimate objective —whether that is effective transportation of passengers or freight, or resolving particular issues with an existing operation.

Signalling and Systems

Palazzirail can offer staff with a strong background in all facets of signalling and with the variety of technologies and systems in use around the world, from mechanical signalling to the most recent developments in control systems including the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). A particular area of specialism is in cost effective systems that are suitable for remote and lightly trafficked areas. Our focus is in developing signalling solutions that are suited to the particular operations required, and in working with non-signalling people to explain signalling systems and signalling principles. (We do not believe that signalling should be a black art!)

Maximizing Efficiency

A key area of specialty in Palazzirail is in maximising the effectiveness of an asset, through analysis and identification of bottlenecks. Our understanding of both signalling and operations means that we are uniquely positioned to understand the interaction between above rail (operations) and below rail (infrastructure). Our experience is that by analysing rail systems and operations it is often possible to identify capacity or productivity enhancements that can be achieved at a very low cost, alleviating the need for more expensive enhancement options.

Project Management

Palazzirail can provide staff skilled in project management, with experience covering projects from the smallest studies to multi-million dollar projects. We are able to work on client side or for contractors and consultants and have an established track record in managing across multiple suppliers for a seamless output.