Bill Palazzi

Bill is a qualified electrical engineer who specialised initially in the field of railway signalling, but has more recently worked in multidisciplinary, project management, business development and leadership roles.
Bill has demonstrated an aptitude for innovative thinking and for challenging accepted practices, whilst maintaining a focus on the key outcomes that must be achieved and on the business objectives of clients. In particular, Bill has a demonstrated history of working closely with economists, planners and forecasters to match engineering considerations with wider objectives and so to determine optimum solutions.

Keven Gray

Keven has over 45 years of extensive experience in the rail industry as an operations manager in both passenger and freight operations for State owned railways, Corporations and privately owned railways. He has developed significant expertise in train control and signalling systems, infrastructure planning, and all facets of rail operations, service planning, safety management systems, terminal management and development concepts to achieve operational efficiencies. Keven has excellent technical and people management skills with a notably successful industrial relations background.