About Palazzirail

palazzirail  brings expertise in rail engineering, signalling and control systems, railway operations, planning and strategic development, as well as a long background and understanding of the Australian and international rail industry and established relationships with key players. Whilst we work in many different areas within the scope of consulting, management and design, our emphasis is on working with our clients to assist them to achieve their goals.

Some examples of our areas of work are:

  • Working with rail owners to develop infrastructure and systems that support their business objectives. Our understanding of the technical issues related to rail, as well as operational and commercial matters, means that we are able to work effectively with rail owners to develop optimum solutions that support and enhance their business.
  • Working with planners, economists and policy-makers to develop and assess rail-related proposals. Our staff have particular skills and experience in successfully working across disciplines on strategic issues, enabling decisions to be made that are fully informed of technical, operational and logistical matters.
  • Enabling partners (contractors, designers and consultants) to work more effectively in the rail industry. Our services include provision of rail technical expertise, project and design management, assistance with business development, tendering and development of tender strategy.
  • Assisting non-rail businesses to better interface with the rail industry. Many businesses, for example mining and freight forwarders, depend on rail transport for their effective operation. Because we understand the rail industry we can assist these companies to achieve their business goals.